Your contact center can get a lot more done. Let artificial intelligence do the work for robots! Your agents can then take care of your customers with the utmost care.

How will our robots help you?

They will instantly sort incoming emails

Haunted by a queue of unsorted emails? You don’t know who to send them to, who should handle them?

Robot correctly tags all incoming emails and forwards them to the correct operator without delay. This will significantly reduce the response time.

It will increase the quality of customer service

Are you unable to effectively control the work of your operators or agents?

Automatic monitoring of operators’ email communication will increase the quality of customer service. You will know where the operators are making mistakes.

It speeds up the processing of queries

Does opening and processing queries take too much time?

Robot analyses customer queries according to their content and prepares them for easier processing, including attachments. Your operators will deal with them much faster.

Automatic sorting of emails in practice

E.ON now handles more than 50,000 incoming emails a month easy peasy

A few months ago, they didn't know what to do...

for processing 1 email was no longer acceptable
0 s

It took operators nearly 3 minutes on average to redirect one email to the correct mailbox. However, the number of incoming requests kept increasing, as did the number of pending messages in the queue. E.ON was looking for a solution to speed up and simplify this challenging process.

Artificial intelligence has solved that:

now processing 1 email by the machine takes
0 s

We have met the challenge by deploying self-learning artificial intelligence focused on natural language processing (NLP). Learning from the contents of existing emails has enabled almost human accuracy in sorting to the correct mailbox. We have integrated the solution using API.

E.ON is very satisfied with the result

No more nerves with unsorted communication!

With robotic precision, SentiSquare’s artificial intelligence relentlessly redirects all emails to the correct operator. Continuous learning further increases the accuracy of the sorting. That’s why E.ON is now saving time and human resources – operators are now focusing on customers instead of tedious routine work!

FREE solution and pilot project

Come with us to improve your customer care and innovate your business. We will prepare a solution for you free of charge. The pilot project could be up and running in as little as two weeks.


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Email Automation

Challenge: 50,000 emails per month

Customer Feedback Analytics

Challenge: Measuring the causes of changes in customer satisfaction

Contact Center Optimization

Challenge: Random evaluation of emails

Customer Feedback Analytics

Challenge: Efficient feedback sorting

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