Artificial intelligence reads and evaluates all communication in the call center and analyzes the contact between the customer and the operator so that both parties are more satisfied at the end of the communication.

How it works

Before starting communication

AI is up and running and ready to instantly check 100% of sent emails, text messages, call transcripts and feedback.

During communication

Analysis and live feedback is ongoing: It evaluates grammar, formatting, greeting, empathy, etiquette…

After end of communication

The communication is available for analysis. Managers now have a perfect overview of the quality level of customer care and which operators need extra training.

Example from practice

Percentage of emails checked for – 80,000+ incoming emails per month Challenge

emails evaluated
0 %

On average, the quality control team was only able to evaluate 1% of all emails sent by operators to customers. The evaluation was almost random – there was no way to know which e-mails to focus on. The overall performance of the team of operators could also not be determined and monitored.

SentiSquare Solution

emails evaluated
0 %

SentiSquare artificial intelligence has learned to evaluate emails based on grammar, empathy, format and greeting thanks to its natural language processing capability. It then joined the process via API and started evaluating the emails from operators in real time. results with SentiSquare

Since its deployment, SentiSquare artificial intelligence checks 100% of all emails sent. Thanks to periodic learning, it is improving all the time. managers now have a perfect overview of the quality level of customer care and which operators need extra training.

FREE solution and pilot project

Come with us to improve your customer care and innovate your business. We will prepare a solution for you free of charge. The pilot project could be up and running in as little as two weeks.


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Email Automation

Challenge: 50,000 emails per month

Customer Feedback Analytics

Challenge: Measuring the causes of changes in customer satisfaction

Contact Center Optimization

Challenge: Random evaluation of emails

Customer Feedback Analytics

Challenge: Efficient feedback sorting

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