Are you wondering how to take better and more efficient care of your customers? Engage artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is the perfect solution for you if:

You are inundated with messages from your customers

Artificial intelligence processes 100% of incoming communication.

It reads it, understands the content and sorts it out for you.

Contact center cannot handle requests

Artificial Intelligence handles 1 email in 0.3 seconds.

500 times faster than a human and at a significantly lower cost.

Your employees are leaving because of monotonous work

Leave the boring routine activities to the robots.

Your people can do more creative work with human added value.

You don't have time to evaluate the quality of customer care

Artificial intelligence analyses all communications.

It evaluates its quality according to the set criteria and sends you a clear report.

How text analytics works

Incoming data (text)

Understanding the text Thanks to SentiSquare AI

Sorted data

Incoming data (text)

Understanding the text
Thanks to SentiSquare AI

Sorted data

Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology simulates a person's ability to read and understand text. It will help you better understand your customers, automate repetitive contact center activities and deliver first-class customer care.

We will sort out

incoming communication – nothing escapes you anymore
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robots are

successful in content recognition and continue to improve over time
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already in

you will get your incoming communication under control
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Precision text analytics powered by artificial intelligence will give your customer care higher quality and new impetus for improvement.

What results will you get? You will better understand your customers’ needs and provide them with first-class customer service.

Contact Center Optimization

Keep track of the quality of customer care

Customer Feedback Analytics

Find out what your customers really want.

Email Automation

Reduce response time and costs

Why join forces with us

Fast implementation

We have our algorithms under control and nothing surprises us. We only need your historical data to get started. The solutions are based on self-learning statistical models.

Linguistic independence

Algorithms learn meanings directly from the text and adapt to your data. Thanks to this, they have an above-standard high success rate, mastering all languages and slang expressions and typos.

Tailor-made solution

We will design a customized solution for free and integrate it into your current communication infrastructure. Your service desk or contact center will save you time and money. Customer satisfaction will increase rapidly.

Top experts and technology

We are experts in computer reading techniques and understanding the content of text documents. Our proprietary artificial intelligence technology combines different types of machine learning.

Ahead of the competition

You will get a smart solution that, like the human brain, understands the meaning of words and phrases. This allows you to understand customer needs in detail and gain a significant competitive advantage.

FREE solution and pilot project

Come with us to improve your customer care and innovate your business. We will prepare a solution for you free of charge. The pilot project could be up and running in as little as two weeks.


We don’t play games – we develop and sell only what we understand perfectly


Email Automation

Challenge: 50,000 emails per month

Customer Feedback Analytics

Challenge: Measuring the causes of changes in customer satisfaction

Contact Center Optimization

Challenge: Random evaluation of emails

Customer Feedback Analytics

Challenge: Efficient feedback sorting

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