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Jan Lerche

chairman of the board of directors and consultant of company processes

tel: +420 603 459 438

Apart from managing the IXPERTA group, Jan provides advisory services to commercial and non-profit making projects. He capitalises on his many years of experience with Siemens, where he worked in commercal and management roles in the Czech Republic and abroad. What does he enjoy most?

at work:
a flexible approach, linking IT investment so that it supports company processes, developing open platforms

in his free time:
family, travelling through forests, the air and on the sea

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Tomáš Hájek

member of the board of directors and consultant for financial planning

tel: +420 266 065 357

Tomáš gained valuable experience at Siemens in the area of financial and management roles in Europe and CIS. Apart from his role at IXPERTA, he shares his know-how in the form of expert seminars and lectures at the Controller Institute. What does he enjoy most?

at work:
clarifying IT problems in a way that financial managers can understand

in his free time:
family, sport, travelling and his favourite 1959 Škoda Felicia

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Pavel Šipr

CEO and managed services consultant

tel: +420 603 459 561

Pavel ensures that every customer receives the exact service they require. He is the one you can turn to if you are unsure which department your question or problem comes under. He began at Siemens as a system engineer, later he organised implementation and service support in the region of Eastern Europe and CIS. What does he enjoy most?

at work:
giving the terms outsourcing and out-tasking a specific content and raising effectiveness, listening to satisfied customers, helping when there is a snag

in his free time:
family, mountaineering, cycling and football

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Karel Kolomazník

Karel is responsible for technical solutions of services and products. He gained experience in IT as a network administrator of his favourite Unix work stations. From 2000 he worked for Siemens as a system engineer for Networking and led Professional Services for Eastern Europe and CIS. What does he enjoy most?

at work:
persistently seeking solutions to all problems, direct and pragmatic problem-solving

in his free time:
family, potholing and travelling in the mountains

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Jan Kašpárek

sales director, international
sales and development

tel: +420 266 062 361

Jan takes care of our international customers and partners. He started at the Siemens corporation in 1998 when he was still a student of economics at university and rose to the position of Project Management Office Leader for Eastern Europe and CIS. What does he enjoy most?

at work:
providing commercial and organisational support to development projects in the field of industry

in his free time:
as a passionate footballer he passes on his experience as a coach not only to his children, but to others

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Lubomír Starý

Lubomír leads the Brno R&D centre with over a hundred employees and ensures that development runs smoothly. He gained experience working for and ANF Data. What does he enjoy most?

at work:
translating the language of the developers into the language of the management

in his free time:
model trains, family and swimming

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Filip Fiala

head of infrastructure and security

tel: +420 602 596 689

Filip has led the Infrastructure and Security team since 2015. He is the author of the idea of using neural networks for quality analysis in production and is the holder of many technical and security certificates. He gained his experience in the role of designer, consultant and implementation leader in the enterprise and ISP environments. What does he enjoy most?

at work:
to be involved in the biggest infrastructure and security projects on the Czech and international markets

in his free time:
technology, history, self-education. He is at his happiest though when he is skiing off-piste, preferably in the high mountains.

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Tomáš Roubíček

Tomáš leads a team of pre-sales consultants in the field of voice communication and contact centers. He started at Siemens in 1997 as a systems engineer, later dealing specifically with designs and implementation of contact centers for large corporations. What does he enjoy most?

at work:
overseeing that new projects are feasible

in his free time:
cycling, running and family

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Pavel Rabenseifner

Pavel leads a team of experienced project managers. He has more than 20 years experience of managing IT projects and motivating people. What does he enjoy most?

at work:
communicating with people, a personal approach with maximum transparency

in his free time:
family, photography and personal development

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Karel Klíma

Karel steers the commercial team which is responsible for communication with new customers. His experience with business and management was mainly gained at Compaq Computer and Hewlett-Packard. What does he enjoy most?

in his free time: his daughter, football, literature about economics and alternative investment

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Martin Kasík

What is Martin’s credo? “I believe today’s technology and software products can elevate any customer’s business to a better level.”

at work:
is happy to find ways to make the best use of Atlassian technology for every business – practically, factually and openly

in his free time:
family, running and other sports

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Sylva Havířová

Sylva ensures that the best experts work for us and that they are well loked-after. She devoted herself to the field of HR immediately upon completion of her studies. What does she enjoy most?

at work:
when the needs of the firm and its employees are in perfect harmony

in her free time:
sport, particularly skiing which she teaches to children