Bespoke software development, without compromise and on time. We design, we test

and we implement smaller development units and large complex projects.

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Agile development and flexibility are hardwired into our DNA

Software outsourcing, development partnerships

  • We can provide dedicated development teams for your projects

  • Long-term cooperation will ensure your sustainable development and mutual profit

  • We cover missing competencies and provide important feedback for your ventures

Individual customized software development

  • We build software to meet your needs – without compromise and on time.

  • We design and build applications on trusted technologies using modern techniques

  • We follow new developments to keep your business running at full speed

Application Management (AMS)

  • We will take care of your new app from design to delivery to users.

  • We will ensure compliance with operational standards and norms, eliminate emergency situations.

  • We will oversee cooperation with other areas such as operational infrastructure or system integration.


  • UX, UI, HMI are the heart of the digital era. We create meaningful and functional applications.

  • We always have a team of coders and experienced UX/UI designers working on your order.

  • We will find ways to effectively combine engineering disciplines with human experience.


  • Testing will ensure that the developed software functions flawlessly throughout its lifecycle.

  • The test labs run test programs of hundreds of applications in parallel.

  • We will examine cooperation with other systems within the proposed collaboration. Manual as well as automated.

Work with us

  • We connect different IT systems and create customized software.

  • We can handle IT security and infrastructure, project management and corporate communications.

  • Join us.

We are the right choice for you

We combine expertise with humanity – we are empathetic, we make SW development with a human face

Partner for external development

  • You have your own development center and need to supplement the missing competencies with a reliable and experienced partner for external product development.

Process digitization and automation

  • You are drowning under a deluge of data and opaque processes. You would like to know what your customers want, but you do not have the tools in place to collect and evaluate the data.

Application and system enhancements

  • Troubleshoot internal problems with existing systems or applications. Outdated applications need to be dressed up in a new coat.

Business process improvements

  • You solve project tasks via e-mail, shared folders, Excel and on paper. You lack an overview and information about what is happening in your company. You want to finally get your projects under control.

Your systems are not communicating with each other

  • Isolated systems live their own lives and do not communicate much with each other. Your business suffers from a lack of coherence between different agendas.

You plan to discontinue support for the product

  • You have decided to stop developing and supporting your product and are looking for a partner to take care of it and free your hands for your new plans and projects.

How we do software development

We are always transparent and open. We regularly inform you about the results of our work and guide you through the entire software development process

1. System analysis and consultation

Collection of requirements

We have a common goal. At its start, we need to find and set the right project goal and define its benefits. It won’t work without a precise collection of your requirements. And we’re going to go deep.

Initial analysis

At the outset, we will describe and provide documentation of existing processes and the use of current information systems to set the right direction for the project goals. Expert analysis will help you to make informed decisions about the further development of the project.

Business System Analysis

We use the method of system analysis to find the best way to improve your business. The result is an application logic model and a project for designing software user interface prototypes.

Comprehensive IT infrastructure analysis

The success of the implemented system depends significantly on the condition of your IT infrastructure. We will analyze and test your existing infrastructure to ensure that your goals are met without negatively impacting the operation of other systems.

2. Software architecture and design

To make everything work together properly, we will prepare a system architecture design. We will know what components, modules and platforms will deliver the intended results.

Together we design the optimal architecture

System architecture design is usually based on systems analysis and is an extension of the prepared models.

The output of the system design is a physical class model, physical data model and modules and system components or platform design for information systems.

3. Product Management

We know that quality product management is a prerequisite for business success even in software development. Our product management team is also looking forward to your project.


The prototype is an excellent tool that allows us to present selected parts of the system we are developing for you. Demonstrating the prototype will give you an idea of how key parts of the system will look and function.


We always have a team of coders and experienced UX/UI designers working together on your order. Only by combining good quality code, proper application logic (UX) and a pleasing appearance (UI) will a functional, meaningful and aesthetically balanced application or website be created.

Web analytics

Web analytics can measure, monitor and evaluate data and its trends to understand and optimize websites. Based on the results of the analysis, our analysts continuously suggest adjustments to the site to ensure that your site is effective and meets its intended goals.

Marketing strategy

A good marketing strategy for a software product is an essential part of the path to business success in the highly competitive software market. We will prepare for you a marketing strategy proposal from scenarios of expectations and specification of competitive advantages to specific marketing plans.

4. Software development

Together we found the only right way to complete the work triumphantly. Our developers are now starting to brew coffee, start their machines and brains and get to work.

Embedded solutions

We don’t even realize where embedded applications and systems are helping all around us. Consumer industry, automotive, medical, commercial and military systems use them massively to control processes and complex devices. We have been developing and supplying embedded systems for several years, including related hardware equipment.

Enterprise communication

Your business will move forward significantly with modern communication tools that bring greater flexibility, efficiency and more opportunities for collaboration. Our enterprise communications software solution delivers a unified platform for voice and video conferencing, web collaboration, contact center services, networking products and services.

Integration project

Looking to connect your business applications and systems? You know why. We devise and ensure a seamless flow of information and set up tools to mine complex data. We will also integrate the software supplied by us.

Mobile applications

We develop mobile applications for all major platforms. We will take care of your new app from design to delivery to users. We build on a sophisticated user interface, precise graphics and strong technical know-how.

5. Automated and manual testing

We have to test the written software independently and in collaboration with other systems. We are torturing hundreds of applications in parallel in our testbeds.

Product and system quality testing

The process of application quality testing and application system integration ensures the flawless functionality of the developed software and websites throughout the lifecycle, including their cooperation with other systems within the designed collaboration. In our test labs, hundreds of applications are being tested simultaneously.

Manual testing

Before handing over the application to routine operation, we also test the software thoroughly by manual testing. One of the key advantages of manual tests is to test the quality of the application’s user interface. Our experienced testers check the quality of the delivered products according to complex test scenarios.

Automated tests

Automated tests using specialized tools efficiently check the quality of repetitive tasks. We perform automated tests using modern unit testing methodologies and testing frameworks.

6. Sustainability and product care

We are not finished with you by handing over the software. We will take care of the quality of life of your application with the utmost care, including the supply of suitable SW and HW infrastructure.

User support – hotline

For many years we have operated our own multilingual helpdesk operating 24/7. We receive and record requests through agreed communication channels, from normal “human” to automated reports and requests directly from monitored systems.

Application support

We ensure smooth operation of the delivered solution by means of an application support system. We ensure optimization of application performance and provide other necessary interventions to the application or its functioning. Remote monitoring and control allows us to provide flexible operation of your systems.

System support

You need sufficient system resources to run your applications. If you want to be worry-free, we can provide you with both hardware resources (production servers, backup servers and infrastructure) and software platforms at the level of operating systems and other system services or security patches, including remote support.

Request management

We manage the operational requirements of the delivered solution centrally, regardless of their communication channels. Consolidated information in one place helps keep your applications running smoothly with transparent, lossless management.


Get rid of unnecessary worries and entrust us with the supervision of your applications and services. We will outsource the operation of applications, services and infrastructure. We provide everything necessary to start and operate systems with guaranteed updates.


We also provide you with a professional server environment for internet and extranet services. Our state-of-the-art, backbone-connected data centre meets the exacting standards of housing services You no longer need to invest in your servers.

Cloud computing

We also develop cloud applications for you and therefore it goes without saying that we also provide platforms for their operation. Our Cloud Computing services will reduce your initial investment in deploying the solution, eliminating system maintenance, stability requirements, scalability and many other costly processes.


Our services for you are comprehensive and therefore we are ready to deliver our applications including the hardware necessary for the operation of the entire solution. With regard to quality and reliability, we rely on products from reputable partners with a proven track record and excellent service support.

Own products

We build on promising innovations – taking your business to the next level


Booking meeting rooms and shared resources has never been easier.

Quickly and easily in your Exchange or Google Calendar. Including solutions for information kiosks.

Comprehensive solutions for automation and production optimization.

Fully integratable with other systems. It offers a single interface for control and production management.

AI tools

Analysis, sorting and automated handling of requests.

AI tools will move you towards greater customer satisfaction and process efficiency.


Smart assistance for train drivers, operators and rail operators.

The application provides important operational data for the current line section the train is travelling through.

Customers trust us

You are an integral part of our development team because our goal is mutual success

IXPERTA is an important R&D partner of Atos Unify

We develop and maintain products for real-time unified communication and collaboration solutions, and IXPERTA’s experience and knowledge is extremely valuable to us. Over several years of partnership, we have particularly appreciated the excellence in software development and testing, the self-sufficiency of the teams, and the motivation and focus to deliver good quality on time. They are always willing to provide alternative suggestions and ideas, and their insights help us achieve the goals of our software engineering process.

Luiz Domingos, Senior Vicepresident, CTO, Atos

We can rely on the IXPERTA development team

We have been developing software for electron microscopes with IXPERTA for several years. It helps us to fill the gap in expert development competencies that we do not have ourselves. IXPERTA is a key partner in ensuring high customer satisfaction – we know that we always get 100% quality and functionality.

Ing. Filip Matuška, R&D SW Director, Materials and Structural Analysis Division, Thermo Fisher Scientific

At KIWI, no project lands off the runway anymore

Thanks to IXPERTA and its Atlassian solution, we have a perfect overview of all projects in one place, we can see what’s holding us back and we know about potential threats right away so we can address them in a timely manner.

Kamil Jagodzinski, Chief Customer Officer,

We’ve saved a lot of time and people feel better

Before deploying the XEVOQ meeting room booking system, I was skeptical as to whether it would really help us. However, we have found that on average it saves us more than 2 hours per day in each room. The 30 hours of freed up time per month will save us money on the purchase of 3 meeting rooms which we can invest in business development.

Igor Dobřický, Head of IT Shared Service Center, Dixons Carphone CoE

The technologies we work with

We develop apps for any mobile platform. We can tune them for use on regular computers, tablets, mobile phones and specialized technology devices.


Trusted by companies around the world


We don’t play games – we only develop and sell what we understand perfectly

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