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The Ministry of Industry
and Trade of the CR

security monitoring

Thanks to our help the MPO network is secure and hackers don’t stand a chance. We have installed complete security monitoring which can handle up to 60 000 events per minute and evaluate up to 25 000 attacks.

Thanks to this, security administrators at the ministry don’t need to worry. It fulfils the requirements of cyber security laws, has a comprehensible visualisation of security breaches in IT operations and significantly eases the work of incident investigation.

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The Prague Castle

voice and data infrastructure

Thanks to our telephony solutions at Prague Castle, all three presidents have been able to call reliably and securely. For decades now thanks to us, the Prague Castle administration have not only been able to call but also make information available to journalists and the general public via our Wi-Fi.

We connected the castle and the palace in Lány with parliament and selected ministries in one network, available 24 hours a day.

Dixons Carphone CoE

meeting rooms booking

Thanks to the installation of our XEVOQ meeting room reservation system, the company has saved the cost of 3 new conference rooms. At first sceptical, the IT Services Director is now planning to introduce the system to all 9 countries in which Dixons operates.

Read about how our solution was a pleasant surprise.


voice and data infrastructure

Our delivery of wide-ranging voice and data infrastructure significantly reduced production losses in the MANN+HUMMEL company. We arranged for top-quality yet economical signal coverage which allows for reliable connection with the key SAP business system, even in extreme weather conditions.

Furthermore, by unifying various technologies the customer substantially saved on operating costs. All telephony with the parent company in Germany is now free of charge.

How it was and what the customer appreciated especially, you can find here.

Mobis Automotive Czech

network infrastructure

For a major global automotive module manufacturer, we have developed the IT part of a newly built production complex for the production of headlamps and on-board systems. We have implemented cabling systems, racks, a data center, and a complete network infrastructure.

Fast and reliable delivery enabled the test production to run in record time and also ensured the smooth start of technologically demanding processes.

The Ministry of Labour
and Social Affairs

voice and data infrastructure

Easy communication between employees and the general public, reduced costs, flexibility and easy administration; those were the main goals of introducing the most extensive IP communication system in the Czech Republic. We managed to achieve this completely. We replaced hundreds of switchboards with one central IP voice system, which now has 13 000 users.

MoLSA internal communications are free throughout the whole of the Czech Republic and citizens can easily get through at any time on the help-line.

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communication infrastructure

The operator of the Dr. Max pharmacy chain needed to introduce an integrated network in its shops, warehouses and administrative offices. After careful analysis and testing we installed a solution without limiting day-to-day business during the migration.

User-friendly infrastructure with reliable security and excellent service support now makes operations easier at both headquarters, as well as at hundreds of branches.

project management optimalisation

At KIWI projects always stay on track now.

Thanks to Atlassian solution KIWI has a perfect overview of all our projects in one place, their stuff can see what is slowing them down and in case of a threat, thez know about it immediately and can deal with it in time.