Trading and dispatching workplaces

Do you need a solution that simplifies multi-line communication in situations where speed and reliability are key? Whether it is human lives or billion-dollar financial transactions, OpenScape Xpert makes the job of dispatchers around the world easier.

Solutions for trading and dispatching workplaces

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What the OpenScape dispatching system will bring you

  • Speed and reliability is our number one priority, and we monitor and update the system continuously.

  • The intuitive interface with personalization options makes dispatchers’ jobs easier and dramatically improves performance and reduces downtime. You can create up to 200 customizable pages and 60 software buttons per page.

  • Automated prioritization and parallel call control allows important calls to be handled with priority and maximizes availability.

  • The open standards-based solution allows you to respond flexibly to changes in your requirements at any time in the future, saving costs.

  • Integration into existing infrastructure is a breeze with an IP-based solution supporting SIP, high ROI communications technologies such as VoIP and Unified Communications.

How we can help

  • Proposal, consultation and design

    We will analyze the current situation, your needs and possibilities, and propose the best solution.

  • Implementation

    We will supply, connect and set up all the necessary hardware and software. We will train users and administrators to use the system effectively.

  • Support services

    We will make sure that the contact center is stable, constantly available and up-to-date. We will monitor its utilization and propose steps to optimize the services provided.

  • Integration services

    We will connect the contact center with your CRM and ERP solution and other applications to reflect 100% of your specific needs and requirements and help you make the most of the business and process integration potential.

  • Managed services

    Thanks to the cloud solution, you don’t need your own hardware and we can also provide our administrators and operators to run the communication center. So you don't have to worry about a thing.

  • Professional services

    Contact center delivery and management is not all we can do. We can advise you on how to optimize your business processes related to customer communication or how to use contact center data to grow your business.


Are you interested in more? Download the datasheet detailing the features and benefits for your business.

Why join forces with us

  • Atos Unify Master Partner

    We are the only certified Atos Unify Master partner. We are the ones who train other Atos Unify partners to provide top-notch service just like us. Additionally, we not only implement and train Atos Unify, but we are also directly involved in its development.

  • We have 30 years of experience

    During this time we have implemented dozens of recording and monitoring devices around the world. For example, we have set up the best solution for recording Fleetcore’s fuel card users’ communication with their contact center.

  • We won't let you down

    Our services do not end with the delivery of a communication center. We will provide you with a complete communications infrastructure and a range of related services.


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