Vulnerability scanner

New vulnerabilities appear every day that threaten the functioning of your company. Keep an eye on them before the attackers do, giving you time to fix them. The Vulnerability Scanner automatically searches for weaknesses in systems, devices or applications.

The vulnerability scanner makes sense for you

  • Security

    System and application security is critical to the operation of your business.

  • Vulnerability management

    You want to establish a continuous and systematic vulnerability management process in your company.

  • Personal data security

    You need to technically secure personal data in accordance with GDPR.

  • The law

    The Cybersecurity Act applies to you.

How it works

Collection, monitoring and analysis

We use the Rapid7 solution to monitor security events. This software collects, monitors and analyzes tens of thousands of vulnerabilities.

Assignment of priorities

Rapid7 prioritizes vulnerabilities so you can fix the most serious ones first.


Rapid7 produces a clear report of existing vulnerabilities.


Rapid7 produces a clear report of existing vulnerabilities.

Monitoring fixing status

Rapid7 allows you to monitor the status of fixes for individual vulnerabilities.

  • Technical data and information

    We expose its weaknesses with a simulated hacker attack.

  • References: MIT

    Comprehensive solution for the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

  • News in IT security

    Find everything you need to know on our blog.

Why join forces with us

  • We solve security in the context of your business

    Network security is one piece that should fit into the overall puzzle of your IT security. We can tailor it to fit the specifics needs of your company.

  • Count on us to stand by your side

    Information security is not a state that you achieve once and have it taken care of. We will be there to help you continuously improve your security so that you can face the most modern types of threats.

  • We focus on real benefits

    We will design measures that are tailored to you and do not cost more than the data they are designed to protect.


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