Penetration testing

It will expose your weaknesses before they are exploited. Do you need to make sure your network or application is truly secure? We expose vulnerabilities and test the actual security level by simulating a hacker attack.

We perform all types of penetration tests

  • Web application tests according to the OWASP methodology.

  • Tests of mobile and other applications.

  • Infrastructure tests according to OSSTMM.

A separate or complementary part of the testing can be the use of social engineering techniques – a phishing attack, a phone or portable media test, etc.

How it works

Task and goal

We will set up the exact task and goal of the penetration test.

Type and scope

We will determine the appropriate type, scope and method of testing.

Performing the tests

We will plan and execute a penetration test with the utmost care to ensure that service stability or data confidentiality is not compromised.

What will be the output

We will provide you with a management summary and a detailed technical description of the detected vulnerabilities. We can also prepare suggestions for specific measures to address them and achieve a higher level of security.

  • In some cases, it is advisable to perform a vulnerability scan before, or even instead of, a penetration test.

    This series of automated tests using technology is performed from within the system to identify any weaknesses throughout the system.

Why join forces with us

  • We work with the best ethical hackers

    Our dedicated penetration testing team has hundreds of successful tests under its belt, and is constantly educating itself and learning about new attacker techniques.

  • We will find the best way

    We will recommend the testing method you really need, in terms of depth and breadth of coverage. We will not perform a sophisticated penetration test if we find that a vulnerability scan that is less time and cost intensive is actually better for you.

  • We won't let you down

    Information security is not a status that you achieve it once and are finished. We will be on hand to help you to continuously improve your security to keep one step ahead of hackers.


We don’t play games – we only do what we understand perfectly

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