GDPR Compliance

Ensuring compliance with GDPR requirements. Get your personal data in order before the authorities come to check it.

Why be GDPR compliant

  • Loss of reputation

    Thanks to the GDPR, personal data is the focus of media and public attention. Don’t risk damaging your reputation with customers, partners and the public.

  • Financial impact

    In addition to fines from the supervisory authority, your finances could also suffer from the loss of customers. They will worry about their data, or you will put them off with lots of various “consents”.

  • Security risk

    If you have holes in your data security, you also risk losing valuable know-how and other confidential information.

We will ensure the protection of your personal data on all three levels

  • Legal

    With the best lawyers who specialize in GDPR. However, we can also discuss everything with your in-house lawyers.

  • Technical

    Data security is our daily bread and butter.

  • Process

    This is often the greatest stumbling block and most lawyers and technical solution providers cannot provide it. We can.

How it works


We will map your work with personal data:

We will find out what personal data you need to process and for what purposes.


We will design procedures and set priorities:

We will recommend safe processing methods. We will identify the critical points to focus on.


Let’s get to it:

we will take care of all the legal and procedural paperwork. We will set up records, tables, internal guidelines and processes, and implement the most appropriate technical solutions.

  • Personal data are valuable to you. So take care of them!

    Like ensuring the security of all information, securing personal data is an ongoing process. You change and add new types of processing, threats increase, legislation and case law evolve. Contact us. We will be happy to help you with managing your personal data.

Why join forces with us

  • We cover the entire GDPR agenda

    We will connect the legal and technological levels and help you with practical implementation so that you have a minimum of worries with GDPR.

  • We take a pragmatic approach to GDPR

    We will propose measures that make sense for your company, taking into account the level of risk and the costs invested.

  • We see data protection as a whole

    We can also find weaknesses in your security in other areas where a security incident can cost you far more than a fine from the authorities.


We don’t play games – we only do what we understand perfectly

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