A perfect overview of what’s going on in your company helps you to improve performance, optimize costs and protect data.

Interesting facts

  • 3 hours of work

    On average, an employee spends only 3 hours a day on actual work.

  • Unnecessary licenses

    Companies spend hundreds of thousands a year on licenses and software that nobody uses.

  • Sensitive data

    60% of departing employees take sensitive data.

Deploy computer monitoring

We will install the Safetica Auditor software on all company computers, which will send data about their usage to the server even when they are not connected to the network. You get an overview of:

Safetica will tell you:

Don’t forget to inform your employees about computer monitoring

Interested in technical specifications and other information?

  • Need to be more thorough? Restrict accesses.

    The Safetica Supervisor feature can disable access to selected websites, prevent selected applications from running, or set limits on printing, for example. Working hours spent on social media, gaming, mining bitcoins or browsing illegal content will be a thing of the past in your company.

  • Do you want to reliably protect your data?

    By monitoring your computers, you will know about data leaks and can respond accordingly. But with the Data Loss Prevention service, you can proactively prevent it.

Why join forces with us

  • We address security in the context of your business

    Network security is one piece that should fit into the overall puzzle of your IT security. We can tailor it to fit the specifics needs of your company.

  • We won't let you down

    Information security is not a status that you achieve it once and are finished. We will be on hand to help you to continuously improve your security so you can face the latest types of threats.

  • We focus on real benefits

    We will design measures that are tailored to you and do not cost more than the data they are designed to protect.


We don’t play games – we only do what we understand perfectly

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