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The Prague Castle Administration

our telephony solutions at Prague Castle have already served three presidents

The Prague Castle Administration

  • A safe telephone system for the President’s Office.
  • A reliable Wi-Fi network for visitors and journalists.
  • We connect both Prague Castle and the Lány Chateau with Parliament and with selected ministries in a single network accessible 24 hours a day.
The Prague Castle Administration reference IXPERTA

Our telephony solutions at Prague Castle have already served three presidents. The Prague Castle Administration has been using our services for several decades, not only for making phone calls, but also providing access to information for journalists and the public through our Wi-Fi system.


The Prague Castle Administration was seeking for a reliable and secure platform for providing a confidential communication system for Prague Castle and for the Lány Chateau. It was also necessary to provide wireless Internet access for journalists and for the general public, which, for security reasons, would be independent of the operational network.


Following the input analysis, together with the customer we established the target status in regard to the further development of the system. Modelling the coverage with the Wi-Fi signal was implemented in order to ensure the proper positioning of transmitters in regard to the heritage protection status of the building. The entire system was designed to meet the requirements of maximum safety and reliability.


  • Supplying a redundant IP telephony solution, including its superstructure applications.
  • Coverage of the most publicly accessible areas of Prague Castle with a Wi-Fi network available for visitors.
  • The system is integrated in the private voice network of certain central governmental institutions – including the Parliament, the Government Office and some Ministries.
  • Great emphasis is placed on maintaining the confidentiality of communications and therefore, using hardware encryptors, we secured the data and voice transferred.
  • The entire network comprises a total of 1,500 phones in two locations – at Prague Castle and at the Lány Chateau.
  • The attendant consoles are adapted to work for visually impaired persons and are equipped with a permanent recording system in case of malicious calls.
  • The solution also includes a digital alarm and conference server, which, in a short period, can automatically call and warn a designated circle of participants.
  • We have established an optimal service schedule:
    • For all technologies in the 24/7 mode.
    • The restoration of operations within a fixed response and repair time.
    • A Service Level Agreement.


  • The security and the confidentiality of communications that are secured by the hardware encryptors.
  • The reliable wireless Internet access for journalists and for the nearly 1.5 million visitors who visit Prague Castle annually.
  • A telephone system that is incorporated into the private voice network of the central governmental institutions – i.e. Parliament, the Government Office and selected Ministries.
  • The high system availability guaranteed 24 hours a day.
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