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27 years of innovation in information technology

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of The CR

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

  • 13,000 users – this makes it the largest IP communication system in the CR.
  • Free internal calls throughout the CR.
  • Multimedia communication tools.
  • Contact Centre – a helpline for citizens.

We have designed and implemented and now we manage the largest central IP communication system and multimedia contact centre in the Czech State Administration. Over 13,000 employees of the MLSA resort are therefore accessible to the general public.


For the MLSA telephone communication with clients, with the public and with other institutions is essential. It was therefore necessary to replace the existing hundreds of disparate PBXs with a single central IP voice system, which, through its modern and unified communications infrastructure, will, amongst other things, also improve and streamline contact with citizens.


Following an analysis of the impact of the solution on the already existing data network, we designed and then implemented a central IP system that we integrated with the existing solution. Subsequently we gradually migrated individual sites into it together with their end devices. The entire process corresponded to the project standards of the MLSA. During the implementation process, emphasis was placed on increasing user satisfaction and also the availability of the MLSA for citizens.


  • A central redundant communication system for cca. 15,000 terminals.Comprehensive management in association with a 24/7 helpdesk and the guarantee of fault removal in accordance with the SLA.
  • Cost-effective connectivity to mobile networks and to other institutions using the SIP protocol.
  • Voice Gateways with a local backup control at the district level.
  • User-friendly OpenStage IP phones, analogue devices connected via IP adapters.
  • Custom-developed tools for the administration of and connection to the central directory services.
  • Add-on applications for simplifying collaboration, such as voicemail, conferencing, chat or screen sharing.
  • Specialised workstations for the attendants and for the Contact Centre for handling calls and e-mails, including recording them and the generation of statistics reports.


  • The cost reduction based on the toll-free telephone communication between the users within the resort via the data network and on the low cost for calls made to mobile networks.
  • Using the already existing data infrastructure for voice communication.
  • Multimedia applications including unified communications, audio and web conferencing, a unified contact centre and routing applications.
  • Merging critical technologies in data centres in a virtual environment.
  • Integration of communication tools throughout the resort – unified numbering, unified equipment and operation of the terminal facilities.
  • The easy relocation of users in the event of organisational changes.
  • Easily expandable for including new users by adding licences and end-user devices without the need for hardware changes.
  • Ease of generation by cloning configurations for new users.
  • Centralised creation, modification and deletion of users by means of a secure interface.
  • A flexible interface for integration with other IT systems.