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27 years of innovation in information technology

Mann + Hummel

people and computers communicate in an extreme 24/7 deployment

Mann + Hummel

  • 100+ satisfied users in the areas of production, logistics and administration.
  • People, computers and portable terminals communicate in an extreme 24/7 deployment.
  • Critical applications that are without any downtime due to the special Wi-Fi coverage.

MANN + HUMMEL needed to reliably develop and equip an extensive voice and data infrastructure in accordance with the corporate standards and technological trends.


MANN + HUMMEL owned disparate communication technologies, the management and recovery of which were solved in various different ways. Solving the problem established the need for the unification of their maintenance in order to optimise the costs of their operation and development. It was also necessary to improve the quality of the services, especially the coverage of the logistic area by a wireless network. The connection failures had been causing significant operating losses.


Following a thorough input analysis, together with the customer’s team first we determined the target status in regard to the development of the site. In the second step, we identified priorities in order to be able to retain the functioning devices. Throughout the entire implementation period we paid special attention to compliance with the corporate standards. This ensured a seamless connection with the headquarters in Germany, which has significantly reduced the client’s operating costs.


  • Analysis and detailed modelling of the signal coverage for the DECT and Wi-Fi wireless networks.
  • Unify Overlay IP telephony while retaining the existing elements.
  • Unify DECT wireless voice connection.
  • Cisco WAN and LAN communication networks.
  • Wireless Extreme Networks.
  • Wireless Motorola terminals for reading codes.
  • We have established an optimal service schedule in accordance with the ITIL recommendation
  • Key technologies in the 24/7 mode.
  • Restoration of operation within a fixed response and repair time based on the degree of urgency.
  • A Service Level Agreement.


  • Our comprehensive and reliable approach. Planning of communication needs over the long term enabled excluding the necessity for some investments that from a more distant perspective had appeared to be inevitable.
  • The phone system (IP/TDM) enables the utilisation of advanced IP devices only in locations in which they are really needed. Standard phones remain in the locations in which the use of IP would dramatically increase both the investment costs and the operating costs for the infrastructure. The manner of control of the apparatuses will remain identical for both types.
  • All phone calls to or from the parent company in Germany are free, including those from analogue devices.
  • Elimination of the costs for operating multiple individual networks. Phones and computers in remote locations can now communicate within a unified infrastructure.
  • SAP online and without any downtime. Cutting-edge, and alsoeconomical (selective) coverage with a signal will be ensured even in extreme outdoor conditions by the connection of terminals to forklift trucks. It is essential that this is implemented without losing the connection to the core business systems.