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Jan Lerche

Chairman of the Board
responsible for
company development strategy,
new projects

tel: +420 266 062 399

During consultations, he prefers to connect existing IT investments into units that support business processes. He promotes development on open platforms. He likes an agile approach to work and life.

He provides advice on commercial and non-profit projects. For many years he worked for Siemens in sales and management positions in Europe and CIS. In 2006, he received an MBA from Preiffer University, USA.

In addition to work, he loves to spend time with his family, enjoys travelling in forests, by air and by sea.

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Tomáš Hájek

Member of the Board
responsible for financial
management of the company,
purchasing, logistics and IT

tel: +420 266 065 357

He has led a number of professional seminars and lectures at the Controller Institute for many years. He worked for Siemens in finance and management positions in Europe and the CIS. He graduated from the University of Economics in Prague in 1997, majoring in Business Economics. He received his MBA in 2008 from Pfeiffer University, USA.

In addition to his family, he enjoys sports, travel and his favorite 1959 Škoda Felicia

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Pavel Šipr

Chief Operations Officer
responsible for
operational management
of the company

tel: +420 266 063 188

He proposes optimal parameters for services provided to customers. He realizes the concepts of outsourcing and out-tasking by utilizing specific organisational measures that lead to better project efficiency.

You can turn to him with questions beyond the scope of the individual IXPERTA departments. He likes hearing satisfied customers and helping to ensure that things go smoothly. He began at Siemens as a system engineer in 1997, later he organized implementation and service support in the Eastern European and CIS regions.

Family, ferrata mountaineering, cycling and football. This is how he switches off and recharges.

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Karel Kolomazník

Chief Technology Officer
responsible for the technical
field/area – service solutions and

tel: +420 242 492 202

He is responsible for technical solutions of services and products. He relentlessly pushes for solutions to problems. He prefers direct and pragmatic solutions.

He graduated from the University of Technology and Humanities and gained experience in IT as a network administrator for his favourite UNIX stations. From 2000 he worked for Siemens as a system engineer for Networking and led Professional Services for Eastern Europe and the CIS.

Away from work, he spends time on his family, speleology and mountain travel.

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Jan Kašpárek

Chief Sales Officer
responsible for sales and
software, projects in the
industrial field

tel: +420 266 062 361

He takes care of relationships with our international customers and partners and provides commercial and organizational support to development projects in the field of industry.

He started at Siemens in 1998, when he was still a student at the University of Economics. After experience as a project manager, he led the Project Management Office for Eastern Europe and the CIS.

A passionate footballer, he passes on his experience as a coach not only to his children but also to others.


She ensures personnel policy within the company and develops concepts in the field of human resources.

She graduated from the Faculty of Education in Brno and began working in the field of HR. In her work, it is important to match the needs of both the company and its employees.

In her free time she enjoys sports, particularly skiing which she teaches to children at a sports club.

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Lubomír Starý

Head of Software Development

tel: +420 266 061 675

He leads the entire development section with over a hundred employees in the Brno R&D Centre. His main task is to make software development run smoothly as a whole. He strives to make the language of the developers understandable to the management.

He graduated from the Faculty of Information Technology at Brno University of Technology in 2001 and spent eight years working for and ANF Data.

His biggest hobby is model railways– “playing with single-chip microprocessors”. When there is time he devotes it to his family and swimming.

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Karel Klíma

Head of the Sales Team
for Bohemia and Moravia

tel: +420 602 762 243

Karel manages the sales team who are responsible for communication with new customers. He gained his experience in sales and management mainly at Compaq Computer and Hewlett-Packard.

He devotes his free time to his daughter, football, economics literature and alternative investments.

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Filip Fiala

Head of
InfraSec Business Group

tel: +420 602 596 689

He has been responsible for leading the Infrastructure and Security department since 2015.

He gained his experience as a designer, consultant and implementation leader in Enterprise and ISP environments He has been involved in the largest infrastructure and security projects on the Czech and international markets for more than 10 years. He also authored the idea of using neural networks for quality analysis in production. He holds numerous technical and safety certificates.

His hobbies include technology, history and self-education. He is happiest ski-touring in nature, ideally in alpine environments.

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Pavel Rabenseifner

His main task and personal motivation is managing a team of experienced project managers. He prefers a personal approach to projects with maximum transparency. He enjoys working with people which is reflected in his proactive approach to team and project management.

During his 25 years in IT he has gained extensive experience in project management and motivating people in various positions.

He devotes his leisure time to his family, photography and personal development.

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Andrej Kavický

Sales Director Slovakia,
Head of Bratislava Branch

tel: +421 2322 927 33

Andrej is responsible for the operation of IXPERTA in Slovakia. He understands customer requirements perfectly and provides them with commercial and technical information. He started in IT in 2001 in the public sector and 3 years later joined Siemens where he worked on the implementation of the first VoIP in Europe. What does he enjoy most? Coordinating his sales and technical teams at work, and family and mountain biking in his free time.

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Martin Kasík

Head of Atlassian
Sales Group

tel: +420 266 063 260

What’s Martin’s motto? “I believe today’s technology and software products can raise any customer’s business to the next level.”

At work, he enjoys finding ways to make the best use of Atlassian technologies for every company – practically, objectively and openly.

He loves to spend his free time with his family, running and doing other sports.

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Tomáš Starý

Head of SW
Automotive Sales Group

tel: +420 266 061 106

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Tomáš Roubíček

PreSales COM
Department/Division Leader

tel: +420 266 061 111

Tomáš manages a team of presales consultants in the field of voice communication and contact centers.

He uses his abundant experience from project implementations of voice solutions, and oversees the feasibility of new projects. He started at Siemens in 1997 as a system engineer, later focusing on the design and implementation of contact centers for large companies.

In his free time, he enjoys cycling, running and his family.

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Štěpán Nikodém

Štěpán ensures the smooth operation of all departments from an IT infrastructure perspective and focuses mainly on Microsoft technologies.

He worked as an IT trainer in Gopas for more than 10 years.

In his free time he relaxes while gardening or cooking.

She looks after the company’s marketing activities, from social networks, websites and customer events to promotional giveaways.

She has been part of the team since 2007, when she started as the top management´s right hand. She enjoys long-term projects, is known for solving the impossible, and will even call on Santa Claus to get the job done.

Away from work, she trains her dog to do new dancing tricks and in time would like to match her husband’s yachting skills.

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Michal Štěrba

Michal is a consultant for data center technology and designs solutions for their infrastructure in terms of computing power, virtualization, storage and backup, including Disaster Recovery.

He enjoys open dialogues with customers on these topics. He benefits from many implemented projects in this field and leads a team of consultants.

He loves spending time with his family, especially on bike trips. He enjoys swimming, skiing, and when there is time and opportunity, he admires the beauty of nature while canyoning.

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Vladislav Šafránek

Within the InfraSec Sales Group, Vláďa manages the Security team, which resolves issues with both security technology and procedural security of information. The technological part covers everything from firewalls to end terminal security. The consultation part manages information security according to Cyber Security regulations, ISO 27000 and GDPR.

Vláďa provides security consultations, especially in the area of risk management and personal data protection.

He divides his spare time between family, sports and other hobbies.

Jaroslav is in charge of Networking within the InfraSec Group. His team proposes the best possible final network solutions for transparent and fast data flow. That means everything related to the design and implementation of LAN, WAN and WLAN networks.

In his free time, he devotes himself to family, sports, nature and literature.

Jan leads the Help Desk team where he is responsible for the effective management of service contracts and takes care of the correct and timely fulfillment of IXPERTA duties and obligations to contract customers.

Thanks to many years of experience in different positions within the company, he is also dedicated to internal processes and organization of work within the ICT Division servicing.

He devotes most of his spare-time to his family and within the time possibilities also to his main hobbies: movies and traveling.

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Vítězslav Dobiáš

Víťa is the head of the service team. He devotes most of his time to leading the Trading & Recording group, within which the special applications for investment banking and dispatching workplaces can be found that he himself serviced in the past. He stays close to our important customers from both government administration and the private sectors, and addresses their challenges in the field of communication technologies. He gained his experience through managing special applications for investment banking and dispatching workplaces in the past.

He coordinates the provision of Professional Services in the fields of OpenScape Voice, Contact Center and Xpressions and for our international partners, especially from Denmark, Finland and Italy.

He loves to do sports in his free time. He has moved from national handball competitions to playing amateur volleyball with friends over time. He has always enjoyed cycling but also relaxes while working in the garden.

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Tomasz Bartulec

Tom takes care of software development and testing for desktop phones and small teleconferencing devices. His job is to watch over the timely and high-quality delivery of everything the customer needs. He perfectly interprets the requirements of product managers into the language of developers and vice versa. He has been part of the team for twelve years, focusing on IP telephony.

In his free time, he enjoys sport and traveling near and far. His favorite hobbies include cycling, squash, skiing and hiking. He also plays with Arduino and Raspberry Pi and reaches out for science fiction, fantasy or thriller books.

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Hana Čapková

Hanka has the role of scrum master for the Atos/Unify group. She ensures best performance and communication between teams and solves operational and project issues. She is responsible for one of the development teams and a group of testers. She participates in defining new product features and is in charge of running the test lab.

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František Kočí

František leads a group of developers for the ThermoFisher project. He is responsible for communicating with customers when specifying and assigning tasks. He coordinates the distribution of jobs within the team and ensures their completion by agreed deadlines.

With his leadership approach, he strives to foster the motivation, as well as technical and personal development of all team members. He also participates in the assigned tasks by programming in modern C++.

Jirka leads a cross-functional team, which works together on the Tieto project. He successfully coordinates the work of the team according to current priorities, and supports them in technical solutions and consultations.

In his leisure time, he enjoys reading good books and exploring the beauty of Brno’s surroundings with his family.

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